Recovery of the response function of a flexible membrane to a volume oscillation using double digital fringe projection technique and frequency filtering




fringe projection, frequency filter, optical phase, flexible membrane, moiré pattern


This study presents a method to recover the response function of a flexible latex membrane undergoing a dynamic event by volume oscillation using Double Digital Fringe Projection to measure the profile of the surface in a sequence of frames. By applying a frequency filter to the interference pattern, a moiré pattern was obtained. Optical phase retrieval from individual frames was performed using the Isotropic Quadrature Transform Algorithm. This fringe projection technique enables full-field measurements, including edges where other techniques could not perform due to shadows generated by the tilt angle. The procedure was devised as a non-contact system to retrieve the deformation function of a flexible surface, enhancing a valuable aspect of the methodology. The results demonstrate successful recovery of the membrane response function, highlighting the relevance of the method for accurate deformation measurements using a straightforward system. These outcomes provide significant value for the development of precise measurement techniques for flexible structures in engineering applications, such as soft robotics, biomedical devices, and material science.


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Author Biographies

Daniel Arturo Olivares Vera, National Technological Institute of Mexico, Technological Institute of León / La Salle Bajío University

Division of Graduate Studies and Research. León, Guanajuato, Mexico

David Asael Gutiérrez Hernández, National Technological Institute of Mexico, Technological Institute of León

Division of Graduate Studies and Research. León, Guanajuato, Mexico

Francisco Javier Casillas Rodríguez, University of Guadalajara

De Los Lagos University Center, Department of Exact Sciences and Technology. Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, Mexico

José de Jesús Ibarra Sánchez, Universidad Iberoamericana León

Department of Engineering. León, Guanajuato, Mexico


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Uribe López, U., Olivares Vera, D. A., Gutiérrez Hernández, D. A., Casillas Rodríguez, F. J., & Ibarra Sánchez, J. de J. (2023). Recovery of the response function of a flexible membrane to a volume oscillation using double digital fringe projection technique and frequency filtering. Nova Scientia, 15(31), 1–13.



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