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Vol. 14 No. 29 (2022)
Published November 18, 2022

Nova Scientia is a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, electronic and twice a year publication published by the Universidad La Salle Bajío. It is organized in two sections with the aim to publish unpublished and original papers from the different scientific disciplines by national and international researches; it does not publish reviews, bibliographical revisions or professional applications. It has a rejection rate of 80 %. Since 2012 it has been the best evaluated journal in its category in the CONACYT Index.

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Natural Sciences and Engineering

Alonso López Lara, Salvador Adame Martínez , Guadalupe Hoyos Castillo, Eduardo Campos Medina
Model for the evaluation of territorial suitability for sustainable urban growth in the Metropolitan Area of Toluca
PDF (Español (España))
Guadalupe Núñez Martínez, Paulino Sánchez Santillán, Liliana Aguilar Marcelino, José Juan Martínez Maya, Jair Millán Orozco, María Benedicta Bottini Luzardo
Effects of Leucaena leucocephala intake on testicular characteristics in pubescent ram (Ovis aries)
PDF (Español (España))
Adalberto Benavides Mendoza, Karim de Alba Romenus, Jorge Francisco León de la Rocha, Willian Alfredo Narváez Ortiz, Nazario Francisco Francisco
Ionic sufficiency of the nutrient solution and effects on the total soluble solid’s concentration in mini tomatoes
Eduardo Pérez Dawn, Ricardo Legarda Sáenz, Arturo Espinosa Romero
Regularized Phase Tracking using fixed-point for fringe patterns demodulation
PDF (Español (España))
María Teresa Pérez Maldonado, Julián Bravo Castillero, Ricardo Mansilla, Rogelio Óscar Caballero Pérez
Discrete Gompertz and Generalized Logistic models for early monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba
Manuel Ávila Aoki, José Eladio Hernández Vázquez
Population rate of quantum states and the reverse of the arrow of time
Jorge Antonio Hernández Ávila, Raúl Villafuerte Segura, Juan Eduardo Velázquez Velázquez , Roberto Ávila Pozos
Compartment mathematical models to describe the dynamics of COVID-19 transmission
PDF (Español (España))
Jorge Santiago Amaya , José Antonio Mendoza Hernández, Félix Gil Carrasco , Jarumi Aguilar Guggembuhl, Claudio López García
Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Signals Used in Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation
Miguel Ángel De los Santos Santos, Rosendo Balois Morales, José Orlando Jiménez Zurita, Pedro Ulises Bautista Rosales, Guillermo Berumen Varela, Porfirio Juárez López
Native starch-based coating applied to soursop fruits during postharvest storage
PDF (Español (España))
Christian Silva Martínez, Urbano Nava Camberos, Pedro Cano Rios, José Luis García-Hernández, José Luis Reyes Carrillo, Francisco Javier Sánchez Ramos, Daniel Alejandro Salcedo Serrano
Effect of aerial applications of malathion ULV on the beneficial insectile fauna associated with cotton cultivation in the Comarca Lagunera, México
PDF (Español (España))
Abdul Khalil Gardezi , Kenia Nallely Romero Andablo, Guillermo Carrillo Castañeda, Héctor Flores Magdaleno, Hilario Flores Gallardo, José Abel López Buenfil, Héctor Manuel Ortega Escobar, Miguel Jorge Escalona Maurice, Mario Ulises Larque-Saavedra, Gabriel Haro Aguilar
Evaluation of the vigor of roselle crop (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) using rhizobacteria for phytoremediation purposes under conditions of stress caused by copper sulfate (CuSo4)
PDF (Español (España))
Aldo Emelio Landa Gómez, Gerardo Fajardo San Miguel, Dulce Cruz Moreno, Ricardo Orozco Cruz, Ricardo Galván Martínez
Supplementary cementitious materials as an alternative for the reduction of corrosion phenomena in reinforced concrete structures
PDF (Español (España))
Armando Hernández Pérez, Luis Alonso Valdez Aguilar , Juana Cruz García Santiago, Alonso Méndez López, José Antonio González Fuentes, Vicente Torres Olivar, Daniela Alvarado Camarillo , Fabiola Aureoles Rodríguez, Perpetuo Álvarez Vázquez
Ammonium and Sulfate on growth, physiological activity and nutrimental status of lisianthus plants cv. ABC 1-2 deep rose
PDF (Español (España))
Abdul Khalil Gardezi , Sergio Roberto Márquez Berber, Héctor Flores Magdaleno, Hilario Flores-Gallardo, Mario Francisco Santoyo de la Cruz, José Abel López Buenfil, Héctor Manuel Ortega Escobar, Héctor García Martínez, Miguel Jorge Escalona Maurice, Nora Meraz Maldonado, Mario Ulises Larque Saavedra, Gabriel Haro Aguilar
Effect of endomycorrhiza (Glomus intrarradices) and organic matter on the growth of cactus pear (Opuntia albicarpa) in two soil types
Anel Rocío Carrasco Hernández, Rosa Isela Ruvalcaba Ontiveros, Hilda Esperanza Esparza Ponce, Juan Manuel Olivares Ramírez, Jorge Ramón Parra Michel, José Alberto Duarte Moller
Effect of silver on structural, optical, and electrical properties of ZnO:Al/Ag/ZnO:Al thin films

Human and Social Sciences

Aimée Argüero Fonseca , Joel Martínez Soto, Óscar Ulises Reynoso González, Brenda Cervantes Luna, Iván López Beltrán, Diana P. Aguirre Ojeda
Evaluation of a telepsychological intervention guide during COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from a pilot study with mexican population
Judith Pérez Castro, Juan Manuel Piña Osorio
Social representations of disability in high school students
PDF (Español (España))
Mayra Cecilia Cruz Hernández, Rebeca Isadora Lozano Castro, Carlos Eric Berumen Rodríguez, Lorena Gertrudis Valle Chavarría
Significant historiographic chronicle of inscriptions of patrimonial identification in Tampico, Tamaulipas
Talía Esther Figueroa Esquinca, José Esteban Hernández Gutiérrez
Residential segregation by ethnicity. Study of the correlation with religion, school situation, occupation and migration
PDF (Español (España))
Gerardo Morales Jasso, Diego Marcel Benítez Ramírez, Silvia Romero Contreras, Idrissa Diédhiou, Graciela Velázquez Delgado, Grecia Castillo López, Karen Mendoza-Pérez, Marcos Algara Siller, Vanesa Olivares Illana
Multi, inter and transdiscipline, contributions for a better interpretation of their meanings
PDF (Español (España))
Joselito Domínguez Gutiérrez, María Isabel Palacios-Rangel, Jorge Gustavo Ocampo Ledesma, Elizabeth Roldán Suárez, Edgar Iván García Sánchez
Factors that determine the competitiveness of the barley value chain in Tlaxcala
PDF (Español (España))
Ana Karen Cuéllar Mandujano, Arturo Hernandez Montes, Juan Guillermo Cruz Castillo
Intangible attributes in white calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica (L) K. Spreng): psychological meanings and structure of human values in consumers
PDF (Español (España))
Verónica Livier Díaz Núñez, Alessandra Cireddu, Diego Nápoles Franco
Daily life and mobility with gender perspective in peripheral neighborhoods with residential segregation
PDF (Español (España))
Dení Stincer Gómez, Zuraya Monroy Nasr, Luis Pérez Álvarez
Toulmin's model and psychodidactic strategies, facilitators of logical thinking in the preparation of thesis
PDF (Español (España))
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