Population rate of quantum states and the reverse of the arrow of time





arrow of time, time inversion, qubits, reservoir, noise, quantum, states, population, rate, computation, systems, temperature, devices


Recently it has been pointed out that an outstanding application of an IBM quantum computer is to reverse the arrow of time (Lesovik et al., 2019). It is explored such a possibility in a two qubits system coupled to a common structured reservoir at zero temperature. It is shown that population rates of the quantum states become the same both towards the remote past and towards the remote future. A two qubits system in presence of noise can reverse the arrow of time.


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Author Biographies

Manuel Ávila Aoki, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

Valle de Chalco University Center

José Eladio Hernández Vázquez, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico

Valle de Chalco University Center


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Ávila Aoki, M., & Hernández Vázquez, J. E. (2022). Population rate of quantum states and the reverse of the arrow of time. Nova Scientia, 14(29). https://doi.org/10.21640/ns.v14i29.3099



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