Ethics statement

Nova Scientia Editorial Board subscribes to the Declaration on international ethical standards for authors and reviewers adopted by COPE - Committee on Publication Ethics. When submitting the article, the author is expressing their consent and agreement with the ethical guidelines indicated on the documents of the conference and in the Declaration of Helsinki (Ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects).

The, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

The papers submitted must be unpublished and their authors agree not to simultaneously submit them for the consideration of other journals. Any conflicts of a legal, moral, or ethical character etc., that derives from the analysis of this aspect shall be the sole responsibility of the authors.

The papers they must be the result or the progress of original and high level researches within the scientific disciplines. Before sending the paper to the reviewers, it will be subjected to a Plagiarism Detection Software Turnitin; if the manuscript is found to be a case of plagiarism, it will be immediately rejected. 

It will be the responsibility of the authors that both, during the research process and for the submission of their work to Nova Scientia, the ethical codes of their institutions are complied with, as well as the legal and ethical norms universally accepted for the work with other people, animals and the environment as indicated in Comisión Nacional de Ética (México).

The author of the correspondence is responsible for making sure that all authors have contributed significantly in the paper and have accepted the contents and forms of the paper, and must provide the e-mail of all the participants.

Nova Scientia reserves the right to take any measures that it considers necessary when detecting any inappropriate conduct in the work of authors and arbitrators, among those: the removal of articles, the elimination of the portfolio of authors and arbitrators, as well as blacklisting the names to other journals.

Responsibilities or behavior of:

The Editors and Invited Editors

The editors should look for ways to improve the Nova Scientia, address author needs and inquiries, prevent other non-academic needs from compromising the journal’s ethical standards, and be willing to publish corrections, clarifications, rectifications and apologies, if applicable.

The editors will make sure both the description of the evaluation process and procedure guidelines are accessible to submit an article for evaluation.

The editors follow up on the recommendations and / or suggestions of the reviewers. 

The editors will ensure that author’s identity remains confidential from the moment manuscripts are received until evaluation is completed.

The editors will protect manuscript intellectual property and copyright.

The editors will ask assessors to comment on authors' misconduct.

The editors will inform the author about progress of the evaluation.

The editors will send to the authors unedited comments by assessors, except when they are offensive or defamatory.

The editors will not use or disclose information about articles before they are published. And act, at all times, in accordance with the editorial criteria and editorial line.

The editors can not be authors or collaborators of the papers presented in Nova Scientia.


Authors must guarantee that:

Their manuscript has not been previously published and is not being evaluated for other publications.

Information contained in the manuscript has been collected ethically.

Article presented is original and references and data from other works have been cited in an appropriate manner.

Authors should ensure that their submission is not a "redundant publication" as well as a "salami publication". If so, it will not be considered by the journal and will be rejected.

The authors will recognize as co-authors those who have participated significantly in the content of the paper from the beginning of the submission process.

All co-authors must agree on the order of authorship.

The authors will manifest in the manuscript sources of financial support to carry out the research.

Authors should inform the editor if there are similar versions of the manuscript published or being considered for submission in another journal.

To submit an article, the authors will follow instructions defined on the journal’s website.

They will follow instructions of the evaluation phases and will observe delivery times for corrections and collations.

The authors must ensure that they have authorizations to reproduce and print the material that is not their property or authorship (photographs, graphics and diagrams).

The authors transfer the rights of the contents of the article for its publication and diffusion according to the policies, norms and agreements of the journal and of the indexation instances.


The reviewers will immediately notify it if the manuscript that they have been requested to evaluate is subject to a conflict of interest.

The reviewers will inform the editor if they consider that they are not qualified to carry out the evaluation.

The reviewers will notify editors if they detect scientific misconduct in the manuscript.

The reviewers will express their comments in a clear, objective and respectful manner in the evaluation format provided by the journal.

The reviewers will carry out the evaluation and notify result within 30 calendar days.

The reviewers will treat the evaluation result with confidentiality.

The reviewers will not use or disclose information contained in the manuscript before its publication.